Welcome To Fat Lamps

Who We Are ?

FATLAMP’s Fixtures is among the number ONE LED manufacturers in Delhi NCR with the purpose to illuminate your abode. With an array of LED lights to choose from, FATLAMP’s strives for quality and design to light up your spaces to perfection. FATLAMP’s fixtures is the one stop solution to your entire LED lighting housings in India.

At FATLAMP’s, explore a vibrant range of LED products for residential, commercial and outdoor lighting. As the fastest growing LED housing manufacturers in Delhi NCR, FATLAMP’s fixtures designs and manufactures its lighting solutions after years of research and development to ensure a safe and cost-efficient product for its customers.

We believe in creating a strong market position with LED manufacturers in Delhi NCR and across the country by presenting lighting fixtures that are unique, customizable and pocket friendly to individual customers as well as organizations. Our efforts are to develop long term relations with every customer.


Why Choose Fatlamps for LED Light Fixture

FATLAMPS is a fixtures manufacturer for LED lights that are high-tech and diverse. Thanks to our innovation-driven team based at our setup in KUNDLI (HARYANA), we present our customers with a range of residential lighting solutions which are a blend of traditional luminescence with modern technology.

FATLAMPS is known for manufacturing trendy and state of the art fixtures. The aesthetic designs of our indoor and outdoor lighting solutions add an upscale touch to your home décor. At FATLAMPS, we aim at designing luminaries as lifestyle products to charm the customer’s sense of style and illuminating their spaces with a glow like no other. We take pride in happy customers using our LED lights in Delhi NCR and India.

At FATLAMPS, we believe in our responsibility towards the earth and environment; therefore we work towards creating sustainable lighting solutions, save energy and minimize carbon emissions. It is our constant endeavor to be a brand that exemplifies its social responsibility along with customer experience

Why you need in house LED Manufacturer

Our LED lights fixtures have a higher degree of quality in sync with modernistic designs as a result of our in-house manufacturing of critical components such as Heat Sinks at our manufacturing facility in KUNLDI. Our every product go through rigorous testing and quality check to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction. We, as a team specializes in creating seamless products with minimum maintenance costs and maximum usage for customers. We constantly thrive on creating and adapting to research-based cutting edge technology. We aim to create a new level for our LED products and lighting solutions in Delhi NCR and across India. We will continue to expand our horizons to illuminate every corner of our country and the globe.

At FATLAMPS, we are a team of dynamic young professionals with expertise in designing and manufacturing innovative lighting systems for both residential and commercial space. Though FATLAMPS fixtures was officially founded in 2005, the expertise and research work of our team started in 2007 when we worked as OEM to some leading brands in the International Lighting Market. With nearly 2 decades of presence of our team in the LED lighting space.

Today, we aim to set new standards among LED Manufacturers in the field of general and industrial lighting fixtures solutions. Our goal is to enhance our comprehensive portfolio of fixtures for LED products and create a customer experience across India. It is our constant Endeavour to create future-focused LED lighting fixtures solutions and enable intelligent product efficiencies. At FATLAMPS, we believe in responsible innovation and a commitment towards our customers as partners in our growth.

Our fixtures are made with precision at our manufacturing facility in Delhi NCR. Our emphasis is on creating fixtures with outstanding quality during extreme weather conditions. Each fixture is designed and manufactured keeping in mind equal distribution of light for illuminating every corner of your space. From home lighting solutions and commercial displays to Industrial lighting systems our range of solutions are competitive and aimed at creating a perfect user experience.